The bottled water industry.

Why do companies donate some of their profit?

‘charitable companies will earn a reputation as being “good” companies, and people will be more likely to want to buy from them.’ (GRAN.B, 2014).

It is a great way to advertise the product and build their reputation at the same time. (GRAN.B, 2014).

Why will people buy something they can get for free?

In the article, Liquid assets: how the business of bottled water went mad it talks about:

Packaging and how it is presented appears to be very important to consumers.

Elmhirst(2016) goes onto say ‘a bottle from the “Luxury Collection, Diamond Edition” will cost you $100,000.’

This bottle is the champagne of waters, it has a white gold cap with 850 white and black diamonds and will be presented to you in a private water tasting if bought. A persona has been created for this bottle with the look, how it has been presented, the service behind it. How can water be worth this much? It is because people are willing to buy it for this price and they believe what we present to them.

I need to think about how can I present my video to the viewer and make them want to buy the product.

‘It is no longer enough for water to simply be water: it must have special powers.'(Elmhirst, 2016).

There has to be a back ground story to it, a purpose. There has to be a reason to why people need to buy it. In my project the purpose is donation’s that Pump aid will receive from sales of Thirsty Planet water.  There will need to be an element of that to my video whether it is part of it or only has a small part in it.

The more I think about my video, the more I want to keep that a small part. It could also really benefit from some humor to attract people’s attention.

I will present my video in the platform Facebook and on the website. That is one way I can reach my target audience. It will be put across in a friendly and non pushy way. They can understand the importance but no feel pressured but persuaded.

, 2016,. Liquid assets: how the business of bottled water went mad(online).London:The Guardian.  Available at:–business-bottled-water-went-mad [Accessed 22/02/2017].



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