Tone in voice overs.

So I need to figure out what tone I would like. I want it to attract the target audience which is 18-24 so I think having someone of that age speaking will be a good idea. The target audience will find it easy to empathise with someone their own age more.

‘the desire to make that connection extends beyond a relatable voice, to a conversational script that strives to engage the listener in a story.’

so there can be different tones of voice overs and it is really important to understand the difference it can make.

After watching Consent, it’s as simple as tea. The video although talking about sex, and keeping that serious message throughout the video, used a more light hearted example tea. For example ‘don’t force people to drink tea, it they wanted it before but changed their minds, then they are under no obligation to drink tea.

The tone of the voice over was humorous but still maintained that seriousness about it. People that watch the video would recognise that the video is talking about a serious issue. They watch it and see the video itself(not the message) as a positive product. That might encourage them to share the video.

My video is persuasive so a non pushy and soft tone will be required. A kind, approachable tone underlying a serious message could be really effective.

“Because females tend to be the more nurturing gender by nature, their voices are often perceived as a helper, more compassionate, understanding, and non-threatening,” says Debbie Grattan, a veteran voice over artist for brands like Apple, Samsung, and Wal-Mart. “This can be important in instructional videos, (sense of patience and compassion in teaching a new skill), corporate/web narration, as well as commercial spots (conveying a less aggressive, more persuasive approach.)” 

I will be looking for a female voice for my video.


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