Feedback about portfolio

So we had people come into university to look at our portfolios.  Straight away, the show reel that loops isn’t  a good idea. Deborah wanted to skip back to watch a certain part of it again but as it was on a loop, you weren’t able to do this. I will change the video and give the option to the employer to whether they want to watch it.

Everyone that looked at it mostly agreed that it needed work. I will need to think about it technically as when scrolling down the home page, the banner show reel distracts the view from the text at the bottom. I will add a spacer which will allow for the page to scroll down fully so that the show reel is out of sight.


The video doesn’t have a clear message when it comes to what I did to create this work. I.e. did I film or edit? Below my name I will put editor and motions graphics.

I will also change the show reel and add better quality shots and more exciting work.

I will add more colour to make it more interesting.



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