Using Scopes: Da Vinci

So after watching the scopes guru on Lynda I have a better understanding of what scopes can do and how they can be used.

Scopes are not meant to be used to colour grade shots on their own but to be used with your eyes. You cannot grade just using your eyes either because they aren’t accurate representations of what the image actually is showing. Certain factors like the lighting and whether you have been looking at a shot for a while can alter what it is telling your mind.


Used to determine contrast and colour balance.


The changes I made by changing the contrast using the waveform.

Vector scopes

Used for hue and saturation. This doesn’t mimic the shot but shows how vibrant the colours are. We know how saturated the colours are but we don’t know where they are in the shot which is why this could be shown along side the waveform which can give us that information.


Work best for colour grading and contrast. Similar to wave forms but separate the RGB scopes.


Show the ?? turned 90 degrees. Shows the black on the left and the white on the right. The peaks shown represent how many pixels in the shot. So if there is a high peak in mid tone red, it means that there are many mid tone pixel reds of this same value. The graph doesn’t mimic the shot but more technically about the value of pixels.


so this is the shot so far which looks better than before. More contrast and more similar to this shot below. Not perfect and needs more work but better. The bottom shot hasn’t yet been graded.



I used the vector graph to try and match up the shots. If I keep practicing now, thie will help me for project 5 and matching and colour grading shots.



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