So in the brief, it says I should explore different ways to test actions used to create this project. I.e movement.

I have chosen to test out the sound.

For my animation, I have added a voice over. I haven’t had much involvement with sound so I wasn’t sure on which to use. I started out with the Zoom H1 Recorder Kit 2. This is a small device that is simple to use and upload onto the computer. I used this in a quiet room at a friends house.

With the quality, I thought it was okay. It wasn’t the best but it was usable and with cleaning it up on Audition, I feel that it would have be of good quality. I did have a problem with importing the sound into After effects so that I could sync it with the animation.

I also re recorded the voice over but with the Rode NT2 Studio Mic. This was used in a sound booth. After having a tutorial from one of the technicians, Emily and I were able to use the sound booth easily and efficiently. I recorded the voice over using the mic which automatically was reordered onto Adobe audition.

Comparing the two, the recording from the sound booth is much better quality. This is almost no background noise compared to the Zoom H1 recorder kit 2 which has quite a lot.

I know using the mic in a sound booth is a much better way to go in creating industry standard work. I will be using the second recording for the video.


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