Key words- revisited


So going back to my key words, have i achieved what i set out to? Has my video caught these keys points? I did a short survey to see whether my project had followed the key words.

Cool: Nearly 80% of the respondents scored this a 4 which is a high score in terms of how ‘cool’ it was.

Change: scored 4 and 5 which is the top end of the scale meaning that the video was obviously trying to make a difference.

Encourage: Nearly 60% of people thought that the video was encouraging with a vote of 4.

Community: It was a mixed response but the majority voted 4 which isn’t bad.

progress: I didn’t include this on my survey as it wasn’t considered as a key word and was too similar to change.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking at the results, I can see that from my video, I achieved what I set out to in a. getting the message across and b. persuading others. It is a fairly strong attempt.



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