Time management

With my time management, I set myself working hours. What I have found is that I can easily start at the times said but as for sticking to them by the hour, that is a different matter. What I mean is once I am ‘on a role’ I don’t like to have a rest or stop working as once I have motivation, I like to keep it. If I am working well, I prefer to continue until I get a specific job done.  So sometime a 3 hour working role turns into 5 hours.

These were the hours that I wanted to work by from the beginning.

Monday 11am-2pm 4pm-7pm,

With Monday and Wednesday being free days, these are where I predicted more hours. I found that some days I might start slightly later than 11 and would run straight through until 7pm instead of having that 2 hours rest.

Tuesday 6pm-8pm,

Wednesday 11am-2pm 4pm-7pm,

Thursday 6pm-8pm,

Sunday(4 hours work)

Sundays did turn into ‘work when ever I wanted to’ days. I would put really long hours in on this day after I got all the house work done.

Weekends I worked long hours in a bar so I wrote them off completely in terms of uni work. I could have put a couple of hours down on my timetable above but I knew that i wouldn’t do it as I would be too tired.

I know that working in the industry will be different. I wont be working in a bar so I will have my weekends to complete projects. What I have learned is, depending on your situation, you make time for your work. When in the industry, I will have to stick to a schedule. It creates routine and a better work flow. It allows for deadline to be completed and it gives you discipline allowing you to work hard.


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