So this project I haven’t used Lynda but youtube quite a bit for technical help. For technical issues, I found that it was quick and straight to the point especially when I was pushed for time. I think lynda is great for learning and it is very thorough but sometimes you have to shift through many videos before you reach what you need. In youtube, you type what you need and you can get 3 minute tutorials, watch a small part of it and get the information you need.

I originally wanted to create an idea/game on facebook that would invite people to take part or make a donation.

I had thought of a number of ideas. One being to take a selfie with you giving a bottle of thirsty planet water to a stranger and posting it on facebook. That way you have bought a bottle, therefore donating to Pump aid and spread the word by giving it to someone else and sharing it on Facebook. You would receive a prize for doing that. I couldn’t think of someone that could be given for free that wouldn’t be expensive but appealing to people. It would also be impossible to tell whether they bought a bottle or just used the same bottle in every picture.

My ideas didn’t work so I stuck to keeping it simple. The brief wasn’t asking for this in particular but I felt it would have been an extra idea that would fit nicely with the animation/ video or info graphic required.

How will this project help me in the industry.

My ability to problem solve by remembering previous skills and applying them to new projects has  improved. I feel this will help me a lot in project 5 and when working in the industry.

In this project, I found that conducting ‘non obvious’ research was a big help. I did not do this in other projects but i really enjoyed doing it.

Obvious research:

What are Thirsty Planet about-look at the Thirsty Planet website

Look at other water organisations

Who are Pump Aid

Non obvious:

Why do we need water?

why do viewers get drawn into video advertisements?

These have been fun questions to find out as they are slightly out of the box and allowed me to find different pathways or routes to take when working on this project. I found it a refreshing way and it allowed me to be more creative.

In the next project, I am going to be a lot more strict with time management. I didn’t submit my work for the competition(23rd march) as I wasn’t fully happy with my work and I hadn’t tested it. After knowing that the uni deadline was extended until the 31st, I gave myself more time on the edit to make changes after the testing.

I will be keeping to my deadlines and blogging about whether I kept to it on the next project. I want to prove to myself that the schedule is strong. I also want to know deadlines I put down are good enough that if I was to have my own team working on a project, that it would be a  realistic goal.

This next project will help me with working in the industry, knowing that a deadline is important will be beneficial when it comes to working in a team.



Dan Stevers, 2013.Jittery Type After Effects Tutorial(online).USA:Youtube. Available at: 10/03/2017].


AdobeTalk , 2013. 3D Bottle and Shape Builder Tool(online)

USA:Youtube. Available at: [Accessed 24/03/2017].


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