So not only do I have to produce content for the Nottingham Gang show, I have to think about getting it onto a DVD for the parents of the performers.

The company that the client used last time was ‘Duplication Centre.’ They present themselves as the UK’s leading CD/DVD/Blueray duplicator.

I got in contact with the company and asked them if they wanted me to export it in any particular format. I need to find out what they do i.e convert formats to work in DVD’s or whether I need to convert files myself.

As I feel that I need two disk’s, one being a dual layer disk, I need to run this past the client as they will be paying for it.

After enquiring about this to the DVD company, this was their response.

‘Hi Chantelle

Yes we can offer dual layer disc, full pricing on this is available here;


Regarding the content you have a couple of options,

A physical master has to exist for the Duplication process to work. If you send this in the post, there is no charge relating to mastering.
If you want us to create the master for you from files you send electronically then please tick this option on checkout – prices are as follows:

  • You sending a master in the post – NO CHARGE (The files on your duplicates will be identical to the files on your master – so make sure you send the master in the format that you want to receive the duplicates)
  • Us authoring your master from individual audio / video or other files – £25 plus vat per master
    (For any other non-propriety file formats or codecs) If you have any special requirements such as CD text, gaps, formats etc.
    Please inform us in the “notes regarding your order” a free text field on checkout.


I let the client know about this and just waiting on her response. I asked her about having two disks.




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