Nottingham Gang show: The task

In this project I need to create

  1. A trailer for the Nottingham Gang show. It needs to be between 2-3 minutes long. It will be put onto the website and cannot contain music from the show. From the example video’s I have looked at, I would like to add interviews into the trailer and this will steer my video. I will add cut away shots of the show.
  2. A 10-15 minute video of highlights of the show. This gives the option for parents to watch parts without having to watch the whole show. This will be the best bits of the show. It will also have clips of behind the stage footage showing rehearsals etc.
  3. A video of the whole show which is over 2 hours long.  Editing from three cameras, a wide shot and a left and right camera which will be moving. Need to research into multi cam editing in Da Vinci.

Videos 2 and 3 will be put onto a DVD. I am researching into dual layer disks as the video will take up a lot of space.  I am thinking that there will be two disks in a Gang show case.

Disk 1 will be the dual layer disk with the 1st and second half of the show.

Disk 2 will have the 10-15 minute video of the highlights.


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