video examples


Straight away, all I can see is one camera being used. It zooms in and out and pans across the performers. I don’t want to just have panning shots as I find it uninteresting just to use that. I also don’t want to zoom in and out as it feels unprofessional.

In this example, they use interviews to steer the video. They use cut away shots of the show to add context to what is being said. I want to do this for my trailer.

I like this video. This is the idea I had for my trailer. It has cut away shows and you can get a sense of the story from the way it is edited. It is good quality and uses behind the scenes shots. The shots used are interesting and they have both wide and close up shots.

I wasn’t going to use behind the scenes footage for my trailer but after looking at this, I feel I will test this out.


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