New showreel

I have re created my show reel as after the meeting we had with the industry people, they suggested that it was too long. It was slightly depressing. I managed to show snippets of different pieces of work rather than have the show reel dragging on one project. My show reel is 45 seconds long. The reason for this is because ‘the employer should get the message you are trying to give in 30 seconds.’  (CREWE.P, 2012).

I thought why not make it really short. It still shows my different skills but rather than dragging it out in 2-3 mins, it is a taster that A. doesn’t bore the client and keeps them watching, B. gives the client the client the choice to whether they want to see the rest.

CREWE.P, 2012How long should my showreel be?(online). Available at:[Accessed 26/04/2017].

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