Although I am happy with my portfolio, there are still parts that I would like to change. These are changes that I am unable to do at the moment. With the program that I am using, there are limitations that restrict me from doing them.

I wanted to have my portfolio playing in a banner. The banner was one of the key aspects that attracted me to the program and the portfolio theme.


The banner is the large image of Emily above. I was able to upload a video as the banner but the site doesn’t allow for sound to be played. The music is quite a important part of my show reel as the edit cuts followed the music. So having my show reel in the banner was impossible and I quickly had to forget about that idea. The image below Emily is the largest I could get my show reel if I wanted to play it with sound. I tried other templates but the same rules applied with the banner.

I do want my portfolio to eventually play my portfolio in a banner so I feel that I will look at making my own webite and code it myself. When the industry people came into look at our portfolios, I was told that coding your own website was the best way especially if you want to showcase you and your work. You are able to then make your website work how you want it.

I will research into building my own website. I feel this would be a great project for after I complete university. It will also give me a sense of accomplishment.


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