In a survey I asked about usability in my online portfolio. In my survey I asked my employer when I previously completed work for Nottingham City of Literature to fill out the survey. I also asked film maker/producers and a past student who now directs in films.

100% of my participants thought that my site was easy to navigate around. This is important as I don’t want to put off my viewers. I want to keep them on my site for as long as possible.


I also asked about my whether my show reel was too long to which 100% of my participants said that it wasn’t.


Generally positive comments about my show reel. I had thought that it might be too short but my participants saw it as a positive.

One of the previous comments from Deborah was that she didn’t know what my role was in the projects that were in my portfolio. It wasn’t clear to see whether I filmed, directed, edited etc. I put a short description of my involvement above each video to let the viewer know what work I did.

This worked well as 100% of my participants understood what I had done.


With mostly good results my portfolio has come a long way from the start of the year. This means that my portfolio is at a good standard and will set me on the right path ready for employment.


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