Checklist revisited

12th April: Label footage.(completed)

13th Look at examples of performance videos.(completed)

15th April Make trailer

20th April Work on edit(whole performance)

5th May. Work on 15 minute edit

6th May Completed edit(whole performance)

-This was completed on the 6th May, although it hadn’t been rendered. I wanted to complete all projects so I could send it all off to the client together. I want to keep that professionalism and only speak to the client when I need to. I understand how busy she is so I want to keep contact straight to the point.

8th May test product: Send Trailer, 15 minute edit and whole performance to client. Test Trailer

-I did test the product but on the 10th. This was due to extra time used making adjustments to the trailer.

9th May Make changes

-This got changed to the 10th and I am still working on these changes.

New deadline 12th May

This plan has changed slightly from when I first wrote it. The deadline for the client was extended to match the uni deadline. The reasons why I hadn’t strictly been able to stick to the plan was down to unexpected barriers such as certain barriers that occurred. 

Ways in which I could have avoided this would have been to start this project much earlier. I could have planned to start this in-between work from project 4.


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