For this project, I wasn’t really in control with different concepts. Working with this particular client, they want a trailer, a DVD with the whole show and then highlights of the backstage footage and interviews.

I did have some control on the trailer to how I would structure them.

First concept: Have the trailer interview driven and add clips of backstage that reflected what was said.

Second concept: Have the trailer music driven and with clips from both backstage and on the stage performance. Gradual development from rehearsals to the main performance.

Third concept: Just a complete mix up of both rehearsals and main performance.

After speaking with my tutors, I realised It wasn’t about what I wanted or felt was the best idea. It was about what was viable.

The product is to be put onto DVD. The client wants highlights and a whole performance. So first of all, put them both together in a DVD case but on separate disks. People are going to be paying for it so they need to see things that is worth while. They should get more out of it than some one is is just watching the trailer. So interviews will just be put onto the highlights edit and not the trailer.

The trailer will have the gradual development of the rehearsals to the main show but no interviews.

The highlights edit will have interviews, backstage and main performance clips.

The main edit will have the whole length performance.

So my chosen concept for the trailer is the second concept.



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