DVD Company

I have also been in communication with the DVD company called The duplication Centre.


I let them know the situation as they can help me more if they know as many details as possible. I know that they can take my files and turn them into MPEG2 so that it is suitable for DVD. That will cost 25 pounds which the client is happy to pay. The duplication centre can then duplicate them. For now, the amount of disks needed isn’t important at the moment. I am going to concentrate on getting the edits ready. I will go to the centre rather than sending the file electronically as I have large files and it will just slow the process down.

Before that, the client will have the files sent to them  so that they can look at it an decide if they want any changes done to it. I will then continue to make changes like I have been doing from previous feedback. I will ask the client how many copies they want and will travel to the duplication centre to hand over the files.

The copies will then be sent to the client from the centre. The client and duplication centre will be in contact with each other regarding payment.

I will then discuss menu options on the DVD with the centre. I will keep the client informed.



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