Information in Gang Show trailer

‘Single words written massively across the screen are more impactful than whole sentences.'(LYNE.C, 2012)

In my trailer, I wanted to have minimal text. I know the trailer is going to be online so I know that all relevant information, phone number email, address etc will be there to hand on the website. For that reason, I chose not to include this information on the video. I have included the words ‘Coming soon.’ I wanted this as it is bold and doesn’t give too much away. It is inciting to the viewer. The idea was to get the viewer to keep visiting the website searching for updates. I also had the Gang Show trailer and where the show will be held for next year.

LYNE.C, 2012. Coming soon … how to make the perfect movie trailer(online).London:TheGuardian. Available at: 6/5/2017].


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