Second testing: Responses for updated trailer.

After I changed the music from the last video as people found it boring, I asked another set of respondents to give me feedback on what they thought of the updated version.

The music was well received but they thought my video was way too long and needed to be cut down. They liked the music but not to keep listening to it for that long. They said after a while it was repetitive.

My after effects glares and lights needed to be introduced earlier on and not half way through the video.

Get rid of the shots that are out of focus.


As for understanding the message the video gives, they got that and there was a slightly above average score when asked if the video would influence them to either buy tickets or find out more information.


60% of respondents would rate the video above 6 when it comes to how influential it was. It isn’t a bad score but it good be better.

As this is for a client, it is important to get the video looking as good as possible before sending it to them. That way you aren’t wasting their time and it looks professional.


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