From my edit my respondents weren’t impressed with the track that I used. They felt it was quite boring and slow paced.


So from my results I know that my video is entertaining and my visuals have potentail.

As for the music I have used, that wasn’t like very much.


A couple of the negative responses.  I do agree with these comments but I found it quite difficult finding tracks that have no copyright. I did eventually find a new track after searching. I don’t like Besound as there isn’t much choice and the tracks aren’t tracks I would use. They are slightly cheesy. I found Creative common tracks on Youtube. Here I know I am safe to use these tracks as long as I reference them. There is lots of choice as well.

My new track is much more upbeat and has a jazzy/swing style to it which is great for the nature of the project being in theatre. Also some of the shots used are of the performers in dinner suits and swing dresses.


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