Testing from previous projects.

The 2 hour edit:

I used Davinci resolve finally for project 5. I am not sure that I prefer it to Premiere. The idea was for me to use the multi cam setting for the edit. This would have saved me time. Unfortunately I have had a few barriers but managed to overcome them. I wasn’t able to use this feature. I am still looking into what went wrong here. I named my files in order but for some reason the option to create multicam clip was blacked out so I couldn’t use it. I managed to work around this and edit as I normally would. I think this was a technical error maybe it was my PC.

I know how the multi cam works though. You select the clips you want to use and create a timeline with the multi-cam. With the razor tool you can click on the different cameras angles that are positioned at the top of the work space in Davinci. There you can watch the footage live and cut clips to the camera angles you want.

At the start I used Davinci 12.5 and I knew that my computer wouldn’t be able to handle 2 hour footage so I chose to start using the MACS at uni. When coming back to work on my project, I would have to use the same machine as when saved, it saves it to the system straight away. It doesn’t give you an option to save it in a location of your choice. This created problems as sometimes the machine would be taken.

I found out that I could export the edit as an EDL to my hard drive. I could then open it up on any machine but just re-link clips. I chose to try it on my laptop and as expected, it was really slow. I was then reminded of the newer version of Davinci(14) which is 10 times faster. I installed that and found that editing the 2 hour edit was a breeze and I didn’t have issues in it freezing. I didn’t even have to make proxy files which I was pleased about as that in itself takes a long time.



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