The client

SO I have been in regular communication with the employer by email, letting them know of any changes or important factors in this project.

I am in contact with Jayne Burton-Naylor the Nottinghamshire County Council secretary and she talks to John and passes the message on.


So I emailed her and asked her some questions just so I knew that we were on the same page. I knew about the project from Jools and he gave me the clients email address but i felt it would be a good idea to introduce myself so that they know who to contact regarding this project.

She gave me the details of the DVD company that they want to use.

I also put across the idea that my tutors and I were talking about. Putting both the 2 hour edit and the highlights on two separate disks.  The whole performance might have to be put onto a dual disk but I will find out when the file is sent over to the company. I felt this was important to let the client know as it would be more expense to them. She replied back saying that two disks is fine.



Working in the future.

This project has helped me as it has encouraged me to engage with the clients which will set me on the right direction for industry. I now know how to effectively communicate with employers from working at uni.


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