Transferable Skills

So I started first with the trailer and picked out the most visually striking shots. I also picked some shots from back stage. I followed the concept that I set out to do and had the gradual development from rehearsals to final show.


So here I have used scopes on Davinci. I have remembered from previous projects how to use scopes. I had practiced on clips from the internet, matching shots from warm to cool colours.

I transferred this knowledge with project 5 and used the scopes to judge what I was doing. I know that scopes should be used both with the scopes graph and with your eye. One without the other is useless. From the picture above I have raised the gain so the colours on the graph reach the top and lowered the gamma until the colours stretch out to the bottom. Now I know the blacks are black and the whites are white. I know this not just by eye but by the scientific graph.  It adds really nice contrast to the image and makes it more eye catching. I made sure that my shots weren’t too over exposed and not too dark. I didn’t worry too much about the colour and matching warm to cool as in the theatre there were lots of coloured lights. That is the significant pat about the theatre and I didn’t want to take that away.

This project has been good practice for me and colour correcting. It is good to know that I can be presented with any clip from any footage and be able to colour correct them.


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