Changes made to trailer

So after my feedback from the second testing, I made the changes that were suggested.

This is the final edit and will be sent to the client along with the main performance and the highlights video.

I exported this video in Davinci and exported it again after in Premiere which compressed it down quite a bit.

So I added in more effects so it was consistent throughout the video. I did this by using a free light stock in premiere. I put this on the top layer of the timeline and changed the blending mode to Screen. This gave a subtle light effect, giving my video a bit of life.

A couple of my respondents said that the video was too long so I cut it down from 2 minutes to 1 minute. The video is much more snappy and isn’t so repetitive.

I tried to stop the music in one part of the video and allow sound/chatter from performers/audience but after trying it, I felt that it didn’t work so I chose not to.

I took out the shots that were out of focus. I liked these shots but they weren’t good enough so made the decision not to use them.

After the feedback and making the changes, I feel that the video has come a long way since the first draft.


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