Editing Software

At my time at University, I have used Premiere, Avid Media Composer and Davinci. I have to say I prefer Premiere. This may be because it was the first one I used but I feel it is because of it’s work space. I work better around it. I feel the short cuts make more sense to me i.e C for cut. Where as Davinci has B for cut. I found it quite difficult remembering the shortcuts for Davinci as I kept thinking I was in Premiere.

Davinci is good for colour correcting and I found that I worked at a smooth pace for that.

I think it is a good idea  to judge your project before choosing the software.

  • What product am I creating( is it a simple edit, Does it require mountains of colour correcting?)
  • How large is my product, how will my product be presented? (Online, DVD).
  • What type of files do I have, Are my files supported by the software?

When you ask questions like this, then you can decide the best course of action for creating the product quickly and efficiently.

I chose to complete my project in Davinci so that I could colour correct efficiently and I knew that the software could take large files.



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