Highlights video

The highlights video has now been exported. I used four interviewees in the video. I did want a lot more but the rest of the interviews weren’t good enough to be put in. There was too much background noise so when I raised the volume to hear the interviewee more clearly, the background noise went up too. I chose not to use them even though it would have really been beneficial to the video. Although with that quality, it just couldn’t go in.

With the interviews we have, they have background noise but the interviewees sounds clear enough for viewers. After that I have put in 4 or 5 pieces from the main performance and put them together. The idea of this edit is to go along side the main 2 hour performance DVD but for people who don’t want to watch the whole thing.

I feel that if I was able to interview some more performers with no background noise, this would really enhance this edit.

For some of the pieces/dance pieces from the main performance that I have put into the highlights edit, I have changed the camera angles. As the edit will accompany the main edit, I felt it was right to vary the shots instead of it being exactly the same as the main one.

For example (when a singing piece is used in both the main and highlights edit)

The main edit might cut from a wide to a close up back to a wide.


The highlights cut from a wide to a mid shot.

I felt I had so much footage, it was wrong to let it go to waste when I could add it into the highlights edit.


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