So from this project I have learned that it is a challenge to stick to certain time periods of work.

My initial time plan.

Monday 11am-2pm 4pm-9pm,

Tuesday 6pm-8pm,

Wednesday 11am-2pm 4pm-7pm,

Thursday 6pm-8pm,


Sunday(6 hours work)

The reason why I started to work like this is because I wanted to set myself a schedule to keep me on task. I found it to be unrealistic not because it is ridiculous. It is very normal to go to work and finish work at a set time.  When I started working and would be on top form, I found that I didn’t want to stop and continued to work past the times set. Also I didn’t take into account certain unexpected issues that might happen. So when they did, I had to keep working to overcome them and this used up more time.

I could quite easily work to these times but I chose to continue to work past them, sometimes working over night because I was in that mood.

I also understand that in the industry, many editors work unsociable hours to complete projects. I have learned to be very flexible whilst at uni. Times that wouldn’t normally suit me but I would have to be out filming because it was the only possible day it could be done. Or if I am on task but realise that another job needs doing with an edit, I would need to stay up to get the job done on time.

It has given me experience and practice on the life of a media practitioner so when I go out into the industry I will know what to expect and be able to work with it easily.


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