What I have learned from this year

What have I done differently in this project compared to at the beginning. I never used to name my files which used to be a hge problem and i would spend ages looking for shots i needed.

This project, I automatically named my files. I found this to be so much easier and I knew exactly where they were.


This example shows the shots from performance 2, (left cam) which was the camera I operated. You can clearly see that I have named them LC for short and 1, 2, 3,4 etc so I know they are in order from start to finish.

I also organised them into bins in Davinci so that they were easy to reach.


These projects have slowly taught me that an editor needs to  have the ability to name files as it is essential in a smooth and speedy workflow. Time is money so you can’t afford to be wasting time looking around for shots you don’t know where they are.


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