Reflection of the year

The most difficult part to the year was thinking about how to approach  my project first before jumping straight into it. I learned early on in the year to think about whether my idea/plan is viable, have I thought about design methods.

From each project I have learned a new way to think about my work. Even though, my client wants a whole performance edit, I still had the freedom to decide which shots go where. With the trailer they wanted shots from the main show, and backstage. It was my choice to decide how I will structure that. I chose three concepts but the one I chose was a gradual lead up from rehearsals to the main show. With thinking and writing down concepts, it has given me a clearer picture of how to tackle a task. This way of thinking gives my work more value and allows me to thinking about a task thoroughly. This will help me in the industry when faced with a project, I can come up with the most effective outcome.

Getting used to managing time. A Project would take around 3-4 weeks. The first stage is the planning and pre-production, the second week would be filming which might sometimes run into the third week. The forth week would be the post production and finalisation.  Having to stick to this structure was sometimes hard as filming isn’t something you can put off until the last minute. Sometime actors or location aren’t available at certain times. University has taught me to be flexible which is an important factor in the media industry.

I have learned about technical side of things. At the start, I was unfamiliar with exporting certain edits. The main format to export would be H.264 , Quicktime, AVI. I used the first two mostly as I knew that they were safe and I would get an edit that usually had no problems. My films, animations were always 1920-1080 frame rate which is the standard now.

VBR 1 pass and 2 pass are simple in the fact when exported 1 pass renders the edit once. 2 Pass goes through the edit twice.

I would go for 1 Pass. Knowing these fundamental aspects make a big difference and it has taught me to be knowledgeable which will again make me more valuable in the industry.

To be able to use Lynda has been helpful. The tutorials are very thorough and give you a deep understanding helping you to become more skilled at a software etc.

After Effects

I really disliked this program to start with but I knew I needed it especially working with motion graphics. I stuck at it and now I am much more skilled than I used to be. I can even take  these skills and transfer them to another project. This means that i haven’t just followed a tutorial, I have actually understood why and how a certain effect works on the program. If you don’t understand it, you won’t be able to sort your project out if the effect doesn’t go to plan.

Premiere and Davinci

As said in my previous posts, I prefer Premiere and will be using it until I find something else. I have had trouble compressing certain files but learned how to reduce the file size. Using MPEG4 will cut the file down by half, it will be poor quality though.

Over all the technical and the critical thinking has made me more aware of what is needed to work in the industry. I feel what I have really improved on is problem solving. I have had help with some parts but I have been able to overcome barriers which is great for the media industry. Employers value someone that can solve a problem i.e a project they need working on.



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