The large edit

This has created so many problems. I edited it easy and had minimal problems but when I came to render it, it took 10 hours and it ended up with sound and no picture. I was obviously furious about this but looking back on it now, I realised it was my fault as I should have tested the render options first. I should have used the 1 minute edit first to see if it came out alright. I eventually tweaked some options and it took 5 hours to render but at least the sound and video was there.

I have now managed to compress this large video in Encoder. For me to fit it on the Dropbox I need to make it below 512MB. From looking at Lynda and remembering what Jools said, I set the option for the output to MPEG4 and it cut it down by half. This took an hour to upload.

The quality is very low but when I send it to the client, it will be a higher quality. It has been a learning curb as this is another way I have demonstrating problem solving which will help me in the industry.




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