From the last projects I wanted to research but not just have ‘obvious’ research. I know my target audience are parents. The DVD that I am creating footage for, I wanted to make sure I could give as many scouts/guides face time as possible. I know that many of the parents that buy the DVD will be hoping to see their child, niece, nephew etc on there. But for the Trailer…….

I did start asking myself questions.

Why do people go to the theatre. After looking into this I read a research paper that was talking about why people don’t go to the theatre.

I read that the perception of the theatre that it is boring to the people that don’t attend the theatre. This directed me not to just show clips of people dancing and singing. I made sure I added in some comical clips in the trailer. (remembering the trailer is for existing guests as well as new ones) I wanted to show theatre can be funny, sad, exciting. If I add this parts in the trailer, there is a greater chance into persuading people new to theatre.


In a Onepoll article, they talked about why people like going to the theatre.

‘Respondents were also asked to detail what it is they like about going to the theatre. A huge amount of people described going for the entertainment value or to escape from the real world and see things through other people’s perspectives.’

(ONEPOLL, 2013).

This is why I chose to have the transition of from the rehearsals to the main performance. There is a shot of the performers in the ‘Hercules’ dance at the school they rehearsed in and then it cuts to them doing the same performance at the Theatre royal.


I wanted to show how easy it is for actors to escape the real world in the world of art and dance from being in normal clothes to them being in costume.

By asking these questions, it has given me a greater depth and this has helped my in deciding the shots I have used.

 PHOKUNGWANA.M. 2014. Audience development: an investigation into audience interest in theatre in the innercity of Johannesburg.Milton Keynes:Knowledge Media institute, The Open University. P57[Accessed 2/5/2017].
ONEPOLL, 2013.Why do we go to the Theatre?(online). Uk:Onepoll.Available at: http://www.onepoll.com/why-do-we-go-to-the-theatre/[Accessed 2/5/2017].

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